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Surprising Facts About Nicki Minaj Most Fans Don’t Know

Nicki Minaj is one of the most popular Rap artists whose journey is truly like a roller coaster ride. This American singer, songwriter, rapper, vocal artist, and a television superstar didn’t have a great start early in life. Her troubled life made her strong and gave her the ambition to shine like a star. Here are few interesting facts about Nicki Minaj worth knowing:

1. She Hates Nicki Minaj!

Do you guys know that Nicki Minaj’s real name is Onika Tanya Maraj and Nicki Minaj is a stage name the artist adopted which apparently she hates? She went from ‘Cookie’ to ‘Harajuku Barbie’ to finally Nicky Minaj.

2. She Wanted To Kill Her Dad!

Nicki Minaj was raised by her father, an abusive drug addict who would sell house furniture for his urges. He once started a fire to kill Minaj’s mother. Th reasons are enough that Nicki wanted her dad to be dead.

3. First Female Artist To Get Her 7 Songs On Billboard Hot 100!

Nicky Minaj hit a record in October 2010 when she made her 7 songs on the Billboard Top 100 simultaneously. With that, she became the first female solo artist to do so.

4. A Waitress Turned Singer!

Long before Nicky Minaj became the Rap Goddess; she worked as a waitress at Red Lobsters restaurant.

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