6 Winter Fitness Fashion Trends to Insprire Your Workout Now

Ok, just because Summer is over and sweater season is just around the corner doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to “fall” by the wayside this season. Lucky for you, fitness fashion trends this Winter are hotter than ever– from color blocking to faux leather and peek-a-boo mesh there is something for everyone. Just because you are staying active doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing while doing it.

We know the secret to getting yourself to the gym really isn’t a workout buddy but getting excited to wear a whole new wardrobe, so make this Winter your fittest yet! Here are six fun trends you can wear now.

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Mesh. Who wouldn’t want to gear up in a sleek all-black getup, which consists of a performance-packed mesh sleeve top and breathe-easy, mesh leggings. This style has attitude, and will leave people wondering: Did she really wear that to boot camp?  We love it.

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Lattice work is where it’s at. This crop will tie up all your workout wardrobe’s loose ends. Strap it on for a high intensity run or take it to the studio for a Pilates session. This crop top and capris will keep you sweat-free and moving to the beat. So when its starting to get chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you have to stop looking hot while working out.

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Lasers and graffiti is where its at.  The power of lasers is amazing, and it’s a win-win for workout wear. For one thing, laser-cut-style patterns provide ventilation when things heat up at Spin. Plus laser and graffiti prints are a nostalgic nod to our favorite 80’s school picture backdrops.

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Bralettes. More than a sports bra and perfect to pair with high-waisted leggings, so you can move comfortably. This is always a great look, as long as you have enough coverage and support for your specific workout. It’s perfect for those extra sweaty classes-Spin, Hot Yoga and a high-intensity cardio class.

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Hardcore Camo. Forget whimsical summer florals, Winter is the perfect season for camo. Look tough, act tough during those extra hard workouts. Perfect for those out-of-the-box Park Core classes you are just dying to try.

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Colorful Long Sleeves. With Winter comes cooler temperatures and perfect outdoor running weather. This mesh geometric design gives your gear extra breathability for a long day-to-night hike, run or jog.

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